Doug Root

Doug Root

A co-founder of WealthPhase, Doug developed the solution concept and brought together the dream team to turn his vision into reality.

A software entrepreneur, Doug has more than 25 years’ experience in the personal finance education and financial planning software industry. Doug was a co-founder of Successful Money Management Seminars, Inc. (SMMS) the company that created the personal finance seminar revolution. SMMS was acquired by a publicly-held financial services company based on SMMS’ 7,000 licensed seminar instructors and financial advisors, and 7.5 million households who attended an SMMS seminar either at a public location or through their employer. Doug previously co-founded and built successful companies. Four of Doug’s companies have been acquired by publicly-held enterprises. Doug is an advisor to two science-based companies. WealthPhase is his passion and focus.

Phone: 503-680-5871