Thank you for visiting this WealthPhase site.

WealthPhase is working on a new software application and portal that changes the paradigm of personal finance management for tens of millions of individuals and households. It changes how people ‘connect with’ their money to meet their day-to-day needs and fulfill goals and dreams. When we launch our new solutions under our new product and brand, people across all parts of society from students to multimillionaires will enthusiastically embrace this new way to solve one of the most acute problems in their lives: worry over money–which is shared by nearly everyone. This new paradigm will also transform the personal finance ecosystem. Different types financial services companies and financial advisors will soon be equipped with significantly better ways to serve their customers and clients.

The change will be so transformative that our partners and we must operate in a stealth mode for now. You can appreciate our strategic need to ‘burst onto the scene’ and not provide too much lead time in our markets.

Society will welcome this big change. When we introduce the new solution, people will be excited. Our users will enthusiastically recommend our solution to their friends and family.

Here are a few important things to know. We are not selling advertising. Our role is to serve individuals and households. We are not selling financial services products or services. If users desire to connect with a firm or financial advisor, it is at their option. They will prefer to connect with their current providers and advisors through our new system, so we are reaching out to a few select partner organizations now.

The brand is not WealthPhase. The solution carries a new brand that will quickly become well-known. Our software and content is being developed now in several locations across the USA. We will launch first in the USA then follow with launches globally.

If your company produces a high-quality, personal financial management tool or technologies, or personal finance content, you may be a good partner for us.

If you represent a financial services advisory firm including a bank, credit union, or a company that wants to add differentiation and highly-useful new functionality to your present personal finance products and services, we may be good integration, co-marketing, and distribution partners.

Together, your company and WealthPhase may benefit greatly by you being part of our new paradigm shifting system.

Technology, content, and potential partners should contact us by sending an introduction and inquiry to info@wealthphase.com. We will reply quickly. Alternatively, you may call:

Doug Root, CEO

Pacific Daylight Time


Lin Pearce, Chairman

Eastern Daylight Time